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Inspiring & Equipping Each Other To Love More With Less Fear



Hi, Our names are Teresa and Ken.  We love loving people. We enjoy conversations around bonfires while s’mores and hot chocolate abound. Our hearts beat faster and our eyes open wider as we listen to your stories and engage in life together.  Our passion is learning how to do life with more love and less fear. We believe much of this begins with communication! We believe love overcomes fear. We believe opening up gives all of us a better chance at connection.  And, in our 34 years of marriage, a few children later (some of our own, and some other peoples’ kids), over 35 years of walking with people through our experiences and professions of teacher, professor, Mom, Dad, Husband, Wife, Caregivers, pastors, speakers, facilitators, premarital counselors, marriage champions,  etc… we want you to know that you are welcome here! We will be the facilitators of this site, the videos, and content you engage with here.


We may not have all the answers.  But, we do have compassion, care, experience and a desire to know how we can facilitate growth, learning, and hope on this journey. Whether you are looking for premarital consult and advice, understanding of family dynamics, navigating LGBTQ+ relationships, and/or needing a safe place to ask questions about God and faith – we are open to being a part of the discussion. We LOVE LOVE!


Let’s walk together!




Teresa and Ken

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