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Group Meeting


In the Future we would love to connect people in groups. We hope to provide oasis for wanderers in the wilderness.

  (Available to $5+ Members)

Unboxing God: Deconstruction & Faith ?'s Groups

   There will be opportunities to participate in this video-based   forum as we uncover our doubts and discover how to walk   forward when it seems the ground is shifting beneath our feet.   Nothing scares us. We want to walk with you. Join us.

  (Available to $15 + Members)

 LGBTQ+ Support Groups
   LGBTQ+ Community - please join us in a safe space to connect   and discover solidarity and hope. We want to learn from you,   hear   from you, and support you. 

  (Available to $15+ Members)

Families & Friends of LGBTQ+ Zoom
Meet and Support other families and friends to discuss your journey.

  (Available to $10+ Members)


   Over the years I have gleaned from the understanding of so many gifted   and loving teachers, friends and mentors. These moments have shaped me,   these people have walked me through faith and belief overhauls, and their   presence has lifted and encouraged me. I would be so glad to share   together in these types of experiences with you. If you are interested in   exploring practices, ideas, thoughts and beliefs in a group or one-on-one   monthly or bi-monthly capacity - please book your session. I welcome the   connection, the fellowship, and the journey.

  Individual: $45 for 45 minutes. Group: $75 for 2-3 people for 45 minutes.


Premarital Counseling

A certified SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) facilitator walks you through personalized premarital discussions to help you prepare for marriage.


Use the Form to ask Teresa and Ken a question.


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