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I have been "graced" with amazing and precious friendships.

(A book I am reading again used this term (Laura Sumner Truax book UNDONE - soooo good!!! I had to read it again.) This is a book that you might need to read - ASAP!

Last Thursday after work - I jumped in the car, and headed to Marla Field and Jay's home! Wow! What a reception. What wonderful conversations, yummy food, comfy bed and sweet morning coffee awaited me. They were such lovely hosts. My soul was warmed and my spirit fed. I was truly GRACED to be in their home.

Marla and Jay and yours truly!

(The picture is odd because I was trying to show my husband the wood burning fireplace - so warm. We miss ours.)

Then, I met up with Emily at Pure Eden, her work place, in Marshall, MI where she colored and cut, and cut, and trimmed and well, it can take up to an hour and a half to cut my hair - it is pretty deceiving! But, I had not been there for about 6 months, and it was in terrible need of attention. She lovingly, patiently, and beautifully worked her magic! Her conversations with me, the laughter we shared, and the immense

mutual mentoring and respect

were a lift to my heart. My life was GRACED to be close to her.

As Emily finished up my hair, more friends pulled up, and we all walked to a restaurant, where we talked deeply, wondered at life and God and people and us. While Emily returned to the salon to work more magic - several of us sat, ate, laughed, listened, talked, and were just grateful to be together. Again, I was GRACED with their presence!

After Emily was finished with work - we asked if she wanted to chat together. So she joined the only two of us left at the little cafe' where we drank coffee, talked some more and shared more of our stories. I was GRACED with time, conversation, good coffee, and deep, in-person friendship.

It was a quick trip.

It was life-giving.

It was hope-inducing.


Last evening, I met a woman that I had been waiting to meet for a very long time. Her name is Nancy, and she is the wife of Mr. John Hampson - my husband's high school guidance counselor!!! And, she did not disappoint! Wow! She is strong, smart, hilarious and kind!

Her husband has walked with us for the last three years from far away and now close by, as we have traveled an uncanny path. He has prayed for us, bought us lunch, and this time he and his wife bought dinner. This was a GRACED encounter! Nancy and John - what gifts you are to so very many people. Thank You for loving us!

Graced - indeed my life is graced with these lovely people.

I am so grateful for the 24 hour period between Thursday evening and Friday evening. I am so grateful for our dinner last evening!

These are my people.


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